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Access numbers

Dialing Instructions

1. Dial Access Number.
2. Enter your PIN number if required.
3. Enter your destination number. Country code + phone number. Do NOT enter any international dialing prefix.

Access numbers can be used in the countries listed below. To see call rates for certain destinations click on a country below. You will see pricing for calling call destinations when using that country access number.

World Wide Access Numbers

Country Access Number      Country Access Number
Canada Montreal - +1-514-448-4005,
Ottawa - +1-613-482-1051,
Toronto - +1-647-722-2089,
Vancouver - +1-778-785-6055
  USA +1-415-300-4173,
+1-303-997-0919 (Spanish),
United Kingdom +44-207-100-5797   USA / Canada Toll Free +1-800-398-6705
United Kingdom Toll Free +44-800-066-4820