voovox offers affordable, easy to manage, self-service Voice-over-IP services for end-users and businesses, with no monthly fees. Open an account for as little as $5 USD!

Voovox Voice over IP (VoIP) communication services include: Inbound and Outboud VOIP, A-Z Termination, Virtual Calling Card, Callback, Personal Numbers, Toll-Free Numbers, Conferencing, and SMS services.

Great pricing

  • Low per-minute fees
  • NO connection fees
  • NO monthly management fees
  • NO minimum usage!

Reliable customer service

Powerful features

  • World class network infrastructure
  • Fully self-service, easy to use web-based account and service management
  • Ability to make simultaneous calls through your account
  • Rapid activation & recharge
  • Pin-less accounts for pre-paid cards or home/office service
  • Local access numbers in many countries
  • Pay online using Paypal
  • IAX2 / SIP protocol supported.
  • Optional sub-accounts / maser-accounts for small-medium businesses


  • Supports all SIP and IAX based platforms
  • Asterisk, Fonality, Switchvox and more
  • Cisco, SNOM, Linksys, IP phones and ATAs
  • PhoneGnome, X-Lite, SJPhone, Linphone, and more

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