• Outbound A-Z Termination
    We offer low rates to call around the globe. Many destinations have rates less than 2 cents per minute. Connections to our service can be made via standard VoIP hardware or software using the SIP or IAX2 protocol.
  • Inbound Personal Numbers and Toll-Free Numbers
    Choose your own phone number. There are many countries and areas to select from with rates starting as low as $2.30 per month!
  • Virtual Calling Card
    Access our system from any phone like a regular calling card system. The voovox service provides pinless calling and local access numbers in many countries.
  • Callback Service
    Another convenient option is Callback service - dial one of our callback numbers from your land line or cell phone; the call to the number will not be answered and you will not be charged by your phone carrier. The system will call you back and give a voice prompt to enter the destination number you want to call.
  • PhoneGnome Services
    voovox is fully integrated with the PhoneGnome service for use as your VoIP long-distance and international provider.
  • SMS Service
    Send international SMS's using a simple web interface or via programmable APIS - at very cheap rates
  • Conferencing
    Set up conference calls with your own number and PIN code. Participants dial into one of your Personal or Toll-Free Numbers to join a conference.