PhoneGnome Services

voovox is fully integrated with the PhoneGnome service for use as your VoIP long-distance and international provider. To activate voovox service with PhoneGnome, follow the instructions below:

  1. Simply navigate your My PhoneGnome home page to Features / Low Cost Internet Calling / Edit and click the [Add Internet Calling Service] link.
  2. On the Add Internet Calling Service page, select the voovox link and then enter your desired voovox username and the amount that you wish to deposit into your account. Start with as little as $5 USD!
  3. Once your new voovox account is approved and activated, it will automatically be provisioned on your PhoneGnome account.
  4. That's it! It's automatic and fully integrated. You will receive your voovox account details via email and you can sign in here to check balances, add funds, etc. Your current balance will show on your My PhoneGnome home page every time you sign in and you can recharge your account directly from My PhoneGnome by clicking the recharge link.